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Oil-immersed transformer

Oil-immersed transformer 

Oil-immersed transformers product features:
   a, oil-immersed transformer tank by corrugated films, with respiratory function to compensate for oil volume changes caused by temperature changes, so it doesn't have the oil tank, apparently reduces the height of the transformer.   
   b, oil-immersed transformers due to the corrugated plate replaces the conservator, the isolated transformer oil, thus effectively prevent the oxygen and moisture insulation performance degradation caused by entering.
   c, oil-immersed transformer based on these five properties, ensure that the oil-immersed transformers during normal operation does not need to change the oil, significantly reduces transformer maintenance costs while extending the life of the transformer.   
   d, oil-immersed transformer low voltage windings apart from small-capacity copper wires, usually adopted copper foil around the cylindrical structure high voltage winding using multi-layer cylindrical structure, distribution to winding ampere balance, low magnetic leakage, high mechanical strength, ability to withstand short circuit.
   e, oil-immersed transformer core and winding respective tightening measures have been adopted, height, both the fastening parts such as low-voltage wire with self-locking nut, not hanging heart structure can withstand the shock top transport.   
   f, oil-immersed transformer coil and core adopted vacuum dryness, transformer oil vacuum oil filter and the oil processing, internal moisture to a minimum.  
, Kaifeng city, oil-immersed transformer product category and model oil-immersed transformer shell type

   (1) non-closed oil-immersed Transformers: mainly S8, S9, S10, and other products, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture and civil construction.
   (2) closed oil-immersed Transformers: mainly in S9, S9-M, S10-M and other products, usually used in petroleum, chemical industry pollution, chemical sites.
   (3) sealing oil-immersed Transformers: mainly BS9, S9-, S10-, S11-MR, SH, SH12-M and other products, factories, agriculture, construction and other places can do for distribution purposes.
    1, natural oil of natural cooling (oil-immersed natural cooling transformer)
    2, oil recycled and wind cooling (air-cooled transformer in oil)
    3, forced oil circulation water cooling 4, forcing oil recycled and wind cooling


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