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Power capacitor products continue to enhance the quality of

  The industry standards Committee with China's specific conditions, it is understood. For adapted market need, learning and reference has IEC related mission lessons, attempts to on standard business, and erratum management system perform improvements, established has to standard Board will for subject, Enterprise, and detection institutions, and research hospital by, and user, multiple joined standard task of style, pursuant to product of technology growth features, will standard tell for professional big class, established related standard asylum group, take management and asylum related scale. Meanwhile, the mission group established in response to growth standard, errata task.
  power capacitor replacement products, to meet the ever-changing market needs. Must be even more imagined to new technology standards and standardization work more onerous. According to statistics, at present, the industry standard Foundation erratum-making period 1.5 years ~2 years, generally at 5 years old or so, are up to the advanced column of its electric industry. Power transformer manufacturer in accordance with the national standards, the China machinery industry links and mission of China electrical equipment industry association, focus on the future growth of the industry. Recently has achieved has low voltage power filter device of imaginary and using guide is low voltage Exchange circuit breaker used are pressure capacitor nominal voltage 1kV above swap power system with parallel capacitor 1th Department door: General low voltage DC transmission system for flow valve damping received loop with capacitor 4 items national standards and the power capacitor with double axis directed polypropylene film technology premise capacitor with pressure embedded type insulation casing technology premise 2 items industry standard of business, and erratum mission and are has approval.


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