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Four changes in information characteristics

1 "world manufacturing center and the workshop of the world" role transition of
  "global manufacturing center, the workshop of the world" role transition, Chinese manufacturing enterprises is the effective way to implement industrial upgrades, priority is survival of the fittest. The status of China's manufacturing industry is gradually being high-cost, low-price strategy by erosion. Should this a changes, China manufacturing enterprise has two article way: a is to cost more low of place transfer; II is implemented industry upgrade, upgrade products of quality, and grade, and technology content and owned brand, then improve products of price, improve "China manufacturing" in global value chain in the of status, set brand and independent innovation technology accumulated although need long-term efforts, but is is solution China manufacturing in the labor intensive enterprise faced of "global manufacturing center" status was change of fundamental solution method.
2 "energy saving" of high energy-consuming industry has become top priority
  "energy saving" was the direct cause of industrial structure adjustment in high energy-consuming industries, and to save energy, reduce costs, enabling higher resource utilization, higher productivity enterprises bigger and stronger, optimizing the allocation of resources is "energy-saving emission reduction" policy driven power source.
3 countries to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, promote the adjustment of industrial structure
  equipment manufacturing, chemical industry production capacity surplus, the national focus on promoting the adjustment of industrial structure, encourage development of hi-tech industries and the advanced equipment manufacturing and the chemical industry. Country has issued the provisional regulations on promoting the adjustment of industrial structure and related measures to optimize the industrial structure, control excess capacity, encourage the development of high-tech industries and the advanced equipment manufacturing and start optimizing and upgrading the industrial structure. Under the guidance and support of the above policy, typically affecting the industry is machinery manufacturing enterprises, including many electronic machinery, chemical machinery, clothing and foodstuff machinery industry and so on.
4 processing quality of export products encounter questioned
  processing export products quality encountered questions, imagery is the surge in quality management, is an effective means to improve management capacity requires companies to use. Enterprises often lack scientific quality management system, the lack of complete quality control mechanism. But competition does not mean you can ignore deepening management request must further take effective measures to enhance the management level of enterprises and capacities, or foreign customers "confidence crisis" will lead directly to loss of business.