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LED manufacturing technology success hits the mainstream lighting source

  LED manufacturing sector is facing a revolution from absorbing large scale integrated circuits industry development experience. This one is fraught with challenges, it also brings enormous opportunities for development. "Lighting is a basic human need. Traditional incandescent bulbs, metal halide lamps, fluorescent lamps, etc already exist and development for many years, has a high degree of maturity, in terms of efficiency as well as cost, has no room for development. Incandescent light bulb as a typical representative of low-efficiency lighting, has already become an irreversible trend of being eliminated. "Kree photoelectric Tang Guoqing, General Manager of the Chinese market, on March 16" LED illuminates the future "international seminar that," at present, as a new type of solid-state lighting LED lighting, fast performance increase, while cost is continuously declining, which makes the pace of LED lighting into the General lighting market. "
2011" two sessions "used during semiconductor lighting application and energy-saving demonstration project of the great Hall of the first stage million renovation project for the auditorium stage and some other key areas, stage 1000W halogen replacement 160W LED lamps. From Asia-Pacific Marketing Director PHILIPS Lumileds Zhou Xuejun said, Lm/$ with LED lighting decreases, and photosynthetic efficiency continues to improve, and by 2020, LED lighting will become the mainstream lighting source. But LED industry faces many challenges, but behind the challenge is containing many industry development opportunities. LED manufacturing industry can draw on many large-scale integrated circuit semiconductor manufacturing industry experience and technology, said the current LED technology a technology revolution is brewing.
LED in terms of extension of manufacturing, chip manufacturing processes, packaging tests are developed and improved. Taiwan wafer photoelectric Taiwan biggest LED manufacturer, also occupies a very important position in the global LED manufacturing. Wafer photoelectric Zhou Mingjun, General Manager of the exciting good news, wafer photoelectric new high voltage LED, from the angle of chip design LED lighting provides a better solution, especially the combination of blue and Red scheme, allows the LED to light effects, color temperature, color rendering properties of perfect unity. ATP electronics (Guangzhou) xiaoguowei, Managing Director, Dr said chip core technology is the power of the light source technology for flip chip technology and the combination of large scale integrated circuit technology, and further in HC-LED modules, dimming, intelligent optical direction, has a systematic and complete technical and development courses.