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Amorphous alloy transformer market entered a period of rapid growth

  Transformer uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage of the device, electrical devices and wireless road, often used as a lifting-voltage, impedance matching, security isolation, and so on. Domestic transformer manufacturers more than 1200 companies with a certain scale, can manufacture transformers, transformer, reactor, voltage regulator and its supporting components and other products.
  in recent years, the rapid growth in electricity demand in China, network high speed construction of transmission and distribution equipment and investment demand. Large power transformer industry of construction funds (including transformers, instrument transformers, reactors, components manufacturer) brings both opportunities and challenges, transformer industry has been developing rapidly. Business intelligence network figures show, 2011 the first three quarters, exceeding 1,100,001,000 kVA transformer output in China, an increase of 13.9%. With the deepening of power grids project and accelerate grid upgrades speed, transformer production in China will still maintain a rapid growth, expected by 2015, exceeding 2,000,001,000 kVA transformer output in China.
  with the deepening of China's energy saving policy, the State encourages the development of energy-saving, low noise, intelligent power distribution transformers. High energy consumption transformer face technology upgrades, replacement demand, will be replaced in the future energy, materials, environmental protection, low noise transformer replaced. Amorphous alloy transformer both energy efficiency and economy, it is characterized by very low no-load loss, in line with State industrial policies and network energy consumption requirements, is currently the most advanced energy-saving effect, using costs of distribution transformer more economical products. After solving the noise problem, products are generally applicable to urban and rural places.
  in the country will encourage the development of energy-saving, low noise, and intelligent power distribution transformers background, industries operating within larger, technology research and development ability of large enterprises will bring more development opportunities. Confidence amorphous transformers electric as the largest domestic manufacturer, the company's products in the market share of non-Crystal alloy transformer to around 80%, industry leading position, issuing shares in private company intends to purchase non-Crystal alloy transformer business and assets. In the business intelligence network researcher pointed out that, with national and around grid company on using non-Crystal alloy transformer energy-saving environmental awareness Shang tends to unified, and increased on non-Crystal alloy transformer of promotion efforts, future two years company non-Crystal alloy transformer in tender in the of market share will rose, conservative is expected to company future two years business income will has 30% around of increases
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