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Oil-immersed transformer protection safety measures

  1, when the next fire separation between the two oil-immersed transformers do not meet the requirements, set up fire walls or fire walls top-fire water curtain. Single-phase oil-immersed transformer between the fire wall or fire water curtain.  
2, oil-immersed transformers with oil 600kg-2500kg oil-filled electrical equipment between its fire separation shall not be less than 5M.
3, when outside the factory wall and the outside rim of oil-immersed transformer when the distance is less than the standard provisions, the exterior walls should be using a firewall. The wall and the transformer should be less than the distance from the outer edge of the 0.8M.
4, building exterior wall from the outer edge of oil-immersed transformer 5M when transformer total plus 3M level and plus 3M of the rim on both sides of the range, should not open doors and holes; in its outside the scope of the Windows, doors and fixed on the firewall, its fire resistance shall not be less than 0.9H.
5, oil-immersed transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment is above single-oil 1000Kg, oil should set oil storage pits and public pools.
6, oil-immersed transformers shall be as stipulated in the existing specification, sets fixed water spray fire extinguishing system. Oil-immersed transformers should be set in a separate room, the door of the room should be a class b fire outward opening door, and straight or the hallways outside the House, should not be open to other rooms.