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Dry-type transformers in the future

  With <0> of application, its production manufacturing technology also get great development, can forecast, future of <0> will in following several aspects get further development: [2][3]
(1) energy-saving low noise: with new of low silicon, foil type winding structure, stepped iron core seams, environmental protection requirements, noise research of in-depth, and computer optimization design, materials, and new process, and technology of introduced,   Next dry-type transformer energy-saving and more quiet.   
(2) high reliability: improve the quality and reliability of products, will be pursuit.
(3) environmental performance certification: based on the European standard HD464, weather dry-type transformers (C0, C1, C2), environmental (E0, E1, E2) and fire (F0, F1, F2) characteristic of research and certification.
(4) large-capacity: from 50~2500kVA distribution transformers of dry-type transformers, expanding to 10000~20000kVA/35kV power transformer, with the increasing urban power load, substation in city network region more and more city centre areas, residential, large factories, such as load Center, community centre, power supply 35kV high capacity power transformer will be widely used.  
(5) combination: from a single transformer with a wind shield and cold, the temperature of the computer interface, zero sequence current transformer, power measurement, bus and side outlet multi-functional modular transformer development. (6) development in many areas: from the distribution transformer, the power station auxiliary transformer, excitation transformers, traction rectifier transformer, current transformer, nuclear power plants, ships and oil platforms and other special transformers and multi-purpose area.   Which, for City Metro and the track traffic of dry type traction transformer, voltage has 10, and 20 and 35kV three a grade, capacity has 800, and 2500 and 3300kVA, for reduced harmonic pollution, from 12 pulse wave rectifier development to 24 pulse wave rectifier; remarkable of three gorges world maximum of 840000kW generator of Reed magnetic transformer, has by Shun Special factory development success, and through has national acceptance.
  can be predicted, the 21st century will belong to the superior performance of distribution transformer and low noise and energy-saving of resin-insulated dry-type power transformer power transformer, Rectifier transformers and special transformers, dry type transformers, Beijing Jinghu electrical equipment factory specializes in the production of various types of transformer professional enterprises. Company has imported advanced technology, has the ability to develop design and manufacturing experience, advanced production equipment, high-quality technical team.