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New type of transformer special equipment;

&Nbsp;  transformers production is characterized by a large number of non-standard equipment, so its technology level depends on the level of special equipment used. Product quality assurance, improvement of production efficiency, are also to be achieved through State of the art equipment. Transformers product upgrade, also relies on special equipment to support.
   in the 1980 of the 20th century before you start the import of foreign equipment, technical level of transformer special equipment in China is relatively low in General, except for winding equipment, professional production factory production, remaining mostly homemade relatively simple equipment.
   core processing only a handful of simple slitting line, but a lower degree of automation, cutting accuracy is not high, and low productivity. Most other manufacturers are hand-cut. In the body of dry, process level higher which is to vacuum hot air circulation drying equipment. Winding is a simple horizontal winding machines, man hammer. Manual production most of the tank.
   80 's the transformer industry began to introduce foreign advanced equipment, to mid-orgasm. Representative of equipment imported during this period are slitting line, horizontal cut lines, coal, oil and gas-phase drying equipment, production line of corrugated type tank, low frequency electric drying systems. To the 90 's, because of the dry-type transformer popularization, import a batch of epoxy casting foil winding machine and equipment, and several manufacturers import the insulating parts machining center.
    to this rough estimate total industry-wide import 120~130 set (set) equipment, cost about $ 90 million of foreign exchange. Most of these devices with the contemporary international standards. Despite the repeated introduction of more, spend a lot of foreign exchange, but after all, meet the dire needs of production at the time, manufacturers of imported equipment, production equipment spanned at least a decade, on a larger level.
    as well as the special equipment for domestic research unit scientists broadened their horizons, for the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology development of domestic equipment offers excellent opportunities. That machinery deployed in a timely manner the Organization of domestic forces to digest imported equipment manufacturing, development of domestic equipment in order to replace some imported equipment to meet industry needs. Centralized and designing Institute has repeatedly met research and develop research plans. Unit personnel after several years of hard work, to the late 80 's, included most of the completed projects, and finally developed a number of more advanced equipment, such as slitting line, shearing line (various sizes), coal, oil and gas-phase drying equipment, low frequency electric dryers, oil purifier, foil winding machine, vertical winding machines, epoxy moulding equipment.
    since then, in the absence of imported equipment reference cases, domestic transformer drying system is developed, the chip heat sink roll forming lines, pit-free vertical winding machine, scalable routing module, transposition conductor line, composite wire production lines. The equipment made by its features and main technical parameters have reached or approached foreign countries. Nearly 100 transformer factory using the advanced equipment. 7 Sino-foreign joint ventures in China also part of domestic equipment, and has a small amount of equipment exported to foreign companies. BACK PAGE