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Matters needing attention in installing low voltage reactance

  Since last year, low-voltage Cabinet reactor installed in more and more products, but the installation is reasonable is often overlooked, install reactor now to talk about his own views.
  first of all, let us recall the year to reactor installation problems. Last year production of a contract in the more Taiwan capacitor Cabinet, installation reactor device Hou all appeared installation support serious Xia bent phenomenon, caused this a problem of main reasons is installation support structure not reasonable that strength enough, after on installation support again design, and again processing, and workshop demolition, and two times installation Hou just solution, and split Xia of installation support for drilling Hou are cannot using, caused not necessary of waste; last month just production of 0815 contract capacitor Cabinet in the reactor device of installation again appeared has also problem, Although each row to add a root install bracing way to remedy problems but the support structure is not reasonable and it basically has not solved, also increased the cost of materials; another Jiangsu company installed variable frequency Cabinet angle steel folding edge toward the reactor are not rational design and installation. The summary analysis of the above issues shows that, in the low-voltage shunt reactor installed in the design process should be aware of the following:
  1. consider first reactor volume, weight, quantity, specification and installation.
  2. reactor installation support should have sufficient strength, typically, you should use the slot, try not to use angle iron. Gate-fold should be designed for high 60mm, 30mm, 2.5mm thick galvanized steel.
  3. Special specifications of the reactors should be designed separately according to special circumstances, taking into account the decrease or increase gate size.
  4. installation must be firm and should have some thermal gap between other components and, to ensure adequate electrical clearances, wiring should also be considered.
  5. special cases with angle when installing angle must land yin, folding down, the reactor installed in the angle of the plane. BACK PAGE