About Us

    Southwest electric appliance equipment factory is located in the scenic Southwest Chengdu city, and convenient transportation, is a research and development, production and sales of power transformers, dry type transformers, reactors and special transformers such as one of professional manufacturers, with a full range of production and processing equipment and perfect testing means. Transformer, and dry type transformer, and phase transformer, and three-phase transformer, and frequency transformer, and isolation transformer, and isolation transformer, and high frequency transformer, and oil dip type transformer, and company main products has: 35KV level following various power transformer, single-phase distribution voltage device, and s (Z) 9, and s (Z) 11 series three-phase distribution transformer, and SH15 non-Crystal alloy distribution transformer, and SC (b) 10, and SG (b) 10 series dry type transformer, and SZ11 has contains adjustable pressure transformer, S11T adjustable capacity distribution transformer, Low loss furnace transformer, SGB11 dry type transformer, double split BSG dry type transformer, combined transformer, box type substation, Rectifier transformer, three split, and moved phase transformer, grounding transformer, American box variable, and CKSC, and CKSG series dry type iron core reactor device, and filter reactor device, and CKSK dry type hollow reactor device, Rectifier, and frequency, and energy-saving, and compensation, and filter, and furnace, and salt bath furnace, industry with various isolation, and since coupling transformer, and reactor device, products both at home and abroad sales. Design and production according to customer needs and a variety of special requirements of the transformer. The company's products have been sold all over the electric power, oil, mining, railway departments and enterprises, and exported to Thailand, praised by users. Over existing power transformer factory in cooperation with my company for the body.  
the company is nearly more than 20 years with the same production history and a solid material and technological foundation, Enterprise 8600 square meters. Company has a leader in the international level of vacuum pressure impregnation equipment, core winding equipment, coil winding equipment automatic test equipment has a level of high intermediate and advanced scientific and technological personnel, staff of 96 people, including high-and mid-level technical staff of more than 20 people. When he set up while Beijing Lakers wish was to create a first-class product, quality, integrity and a fist boutique businesses, now creator's wishes into reality.
   customer satisfaction is our only criteria, will run through the design-the various stages of production--factory-and service. Only customers are satisfied with my product, customer, and we all win. Social benefits and business benefits is the company's business objectives. All the staff in the strict code of conduct, professionalism, integrity, service, is willing to establish and maintain close cooperation relationship with customers at home and abroad. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit us.